How to use the Universal Remote

Apart from installing Universal Remote itself, you also need to install the Kinect Runtime from Microsoft, available from here (for Kinect V1) and here (for Kinect V2). For more information read our manual for the Universal Remote.

From left to right and backward

Slide with your hand to the left or to the right to activate keycode left or right. Either hand works. (all versions).


Raise either your left or right hand to press the left mouse button. After that move the other hand to the front.The controlled application must be in fullscreen mode. This controls the mouse cursor. (Standard and Pro version)

Zoom in and out

Make a diagonal movement with both hands to activate keycode zoom in or keycode zoom out. (Standard an Pro version)


Usse the settings to the right. Here you can configure the universal remote to fit your personal needs. The numeber of options avaiable depends on your version of universal remote.