What is the Universal Remote

The Universal Remote for "Kinect for Windows" is programmed by Seewald Solutions and codeveloped by Pfeiffer-Medien and Manuel Ihl. The defined goal is a useful gesture control for Windows programs.

The field of use ist wide. You can use it for presentations (keynotes, lessons) or as a interactive way to interact on events or exhibitions. You may also use it in videogames or in a complete new way.

How does it work?

At this video you can see how the kinect sets the points exactly on both hands and turns your gesture into a command easy to understand for your computer.

For further information please read our manual.

Magic Mirror - I and my avatar

n 1958, Roger Caillois extended the theories by Johan Huizinga with four universal game type. One of these is "Mimicry". Mimicry means "becoming someone else" and participating in an "illusionary world". This can occur between the free game type (paida) and the rule-based game type (ludus). Here, the gamer is inside a virtual character that is an Avatar - a concept mentioned e.g. in Neal Stephenson's Science Fiction novel and best seller "Snow Crash" (1992), where it has been introduced to the public in the context of computer gaming. However already in the 80ies the computer game series "Ultima" introduced the concept of an Avatar - especially in part IV "Quest for the Avatar" where the gamer takes over the role of an Avatar as virtual image.

In 2003, James Paul Gee considers the different identities. For him there is the identity of the gamer, the identity of the avatar in the game, and the projected identity. By this he describes transfer effects between gamers and their Avatars. The magic mirror is to be understood as art installation where the technology of Kinect for Windows (gesture control, face tracking) allows to wear a virtual carneval mask. As masks a mixture of characters from the well-known MMORPG „World of Warcraft™“ and contemporary Austrian politicans is provided. The installation allows the user to take over the role of a virtual figure or a politician and even control some facial expression. Do you still feel like yourself?